A selection of our biggest domestic and international applications over the last three years where various reinforcement bar constructions have been used are listed:

> Jelgava "Biological fuel cogeneration unit", which is supplied intermetallic pile frames.
> "The wind park Kurzeme" Ventspils region Kamārcīte and Platene, Latvija
> "Saldus music and art school" in Saldus, Latvija
> Broceni concerte factory, Latvia
> the USA Embassy in Riga, Latvia
> the reconstruction of the combined heat and power TEC-2 Riga, Latvia
> the building of the National Libary, Riga, Latvia
> IKEA shops in Helsingborg and Vasteras, Sweden
> the combined heat and power plant rescruction, Elektrinai, Lithuania
> steel solutions to Contiga for the sites located in Norway and Sweden
> we also supply our bar elements to the reinforcing concerte factories.