About us

“Baltesva Ltd” was established in 2009. The company continues another company’s, namely, “AT un Partneri Ltd” (established in 1999) processing services’ and construction traditions, knowledge and skills. We provide our services to the leading construction companies, mainly in Latvia, however we can also deliver our products abroad. Quality has been our key priority for over than decade as we strive to satisfy our clients providing only the best results yet working fast.
We have experienced engineers and we make a careful study of the project documentation and construction drawings, identifying the parts to be produced according to the general project, we coordinate the specifications with the client to make sure that customer's desires are fully fulfilled; we fabricate the parts and provide transportation straight to the constructions site..
"Baltesva Ltd" participates in services as a subcontractor as our production is used as a binding element in reinforced concrete structures. Our main production is made from the rebar of ferrous materials and construction wire; however, we also make mill product profile steel constructions in smaller volumes. The manufacture of reinforcing bar construction is carried out by two solutions. On the one hand the reinforced bars are accurately divided in accordance with the measures and size indicated in the construction drawing (with the precision of +/- 5mm) to be inserted and installed on the construction site afterwards.
On the other hand the construction blocks are fully prepared and bound beforehand - frame structures of columns and supporting frames, fundament carcasses, rebar screen - thus providing for their quick installation on the side. This solution was used by the construction of the main building of Ventspils Airport and several apartment houses in Riga and Jurmala. This full provision is usually requested by companies who do not want or cannot afford to use their workforce to bind the rebar or when the work is to be done without delay.
The company also concludes contacts about the instalment of the production on the project site using our own employees. A good example is the construction of the foundation of the biggest windmills in Latvia, nearby Liepaja. The company is thus able to provide a full complex work process from manufacturing up to the installation on the construction site.